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Living Vitalitea

We are a locally owned and operated handcraft Kombucha company based in Orlando, FL.  We deliver raw, organic, and full-flavored Kombucha to retail locations throughout the greater Orlando area with 14 retail locations and counting!  We also provide Kombucha on-tap with a variety of different flavors at several Farmer's Markets and Events around town.

We are dedicated to the providing you with the highest quality and best tasting Kombucha experience, and our customers love the attention we give to each and every brew.  We are most grateful for the love and support given to us by our home in Orlando FL since our humble beginnings in 2013.

Our mission
is to provide you with the best Kombucha experience, period. We handcraft each and every brew, from start to finish, with attention to detail and the highest quality organic ingredients. We provide you with raw, unfiltered, organic Kombucha so that you can experience the full benefits of our timeless elixir. Cheers to missions!
is at the center of all we do. It is what we choose when faced with our daily decisions. We believe in the goodness in each of us; our friends, family, customers, and partners. That is why our objective is to provide you with a wholesome product that is actually beneficial to your health. We are in the business of uplifting your mind, body, and spirit, and we aim to do this one happy belly at a time. Cheers to Love!
is everything. Community is at the center of everything we do, and we are eternally grateful for the support we continually receive. We love interacting with each and every friend at our markets. Our favorite part of the day is when we hand deliver our orders because we love the face to face interaction. We use local ingredients whenever possible, we recycle and re-use returned bottles, and we return organic scraps to the land. We are also proud to provide free kombucha classes and free starter cultures for the enrichment of our community. Cheers to you!

Our People


Daniel started Living Vitalitea in January of 2013, after years of brewing Kombucha at home. His journey began about 4 years ago, when a former colleague introduced him to his first Scoby. After a few months of brewing, drinking, and healthy eating, he began to feel the benefits. Over the next 3 to 6 months, Daniel experienced strong detoxification, weight loss, and a dramatic improvement of overall health. After his transformation and newfound awareness, Daniel was eager to share the benefits of Kombucha with everyone he knew. Encouraged by friends and family, he began Living Vitalitea in 2013 in Orlando, FL. Today, Daniel is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality Kombucha, and to provide awareness of well being to each individual he meets.

Quality Control, Social Media

J was introduced to Kombucha through Daniel. Her incredible sense of taste is the main reason why we have refined our recipes to perfection. J is also our Social Media expert and responsible for 99% of the posts. Her contribution to Living Vitalitea has literally put us on the map!

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  1. Nice work camarada!
    Can’t thank you enough for sending us the scoby and introducing kombucha to us. Have been drinking regularly for a few months and have never felt better and more energised!

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